Thursday, 10 September 2015

Maintenance Requirements

Ministry has laid down some minimum solar water heater price in Chennai technical requirements for installation of solar water heating systems in the field. These have been made mandatory for solar water heater price in Chennai manufacturers and suppliers and are available on MNRE 

These requirements  solar water heater price in Chennai are have been prepared in such a way that even a lay man can also check them and ensure that those are being adhered to solar water heater price in Chennai by the manufacturers/suppliers. In case any manufacturer/supplier is found not sticking to these requirements, he may be blacklisted if informed to the Ministry.

Maintenance Requirements
Domestic solar water heating solar water heater price in Chennai system do not need significant maintenance requirements. Occasional leakages in the plumbing could be easily repaired by common plumbers. In case quality of water is hard, scale deposition in the collectors may result  solar water heater price in Chennai over the years. 

This may require de-scaling with acids for which it is best to contact the suppliers. Broken glass may  solar water heater price in Chennai also have to be replaced by the suppliers. If outside exposed surfaces are painted, the paint may have to be  solar water heater price in Chennai  redone every 2-3 years to prevent corrosion of the surfaces.

Trouble Shooting Guide For Solar  Water Heating Systems

Some of the troubleshooting are mentioned below:
Problem faced Probable cause and remedies

No water in tap
 - No cold water supply
- Wall at the outlet of system closed
- Air lock in the pipes

Water not heated at all,although cold water flow is normal
- Consumption of hot water may be too high; Check use points and use pattern
- Collector may be shaded
- No flow of water through the Collector  as it might be choked due to scaling;
 Get it checked from the manufacturer Water not hot enough or sufficient quantity of hot water is not available

- Cloudy weather
- Consumption too high
- Frequent on-off of hot water tap
- Collector dirty
- Vapour lock in the collector which can be removed by allowing it to cool & draining the system

- Partial choking of the collector  Little quantity of boiling hot water is received
- Vapour locking in the collector
- Pinched inlet/outlet pipes

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